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Abhishek Banerji – Sarod PLayer

Me & My Journey

I’m Abhishek Banerji, an aspiring sarod player from the Senia-Maihar Gharana.
I started my journey in the field of music, at the age of 11, as a tabla player and received my taalim from Ustad Sabir Khan, the Khalifa of the Farrukhabad Gharana.
My introduction to the sarod came much later in life, around the age of 20, by which time I had become completely absorbed in the art of playing the sarod.
For more than a decade since, I have been learning sarod and studying Indian classical music under the guidance of Shri Apratim Majumdar, specialising in the traditional Dhrupadi Veenkar style of the Senia-Maihar Gharana.

Aside from my gurus, my maternal grandfather, Sangeetacharya Pandit Gokul Nag, a Bishnupur Gharana stalwart, has had a significant influence on my musical career.
He served as a court musician to the Maharaja of Chanchar in Bengal’s Bankura district and spent his later years as a professor of Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
Sarod is my primary instrument, and I am now fully engaged in learning the intricacies of the art form, which involves a deep understanding of music theory and improvisation techniques.
My experience in learning the tabla enhanced my ability to improvise and communicate effectively with fellow musicians during a performance.

A typical sarod solo is contemplative, self-improvised, and deeply rooted in tradition.
It employs a deft combination of melodic and rhythmic elements to create a unique musical experience that is both captivating and introspective.
Audiences are frequently drawn to the raw emotion and energy that emanates from the stage during these performances, resulting in a truly unforgettable experience for each show.